Ormiston Sandwell Academy

Programme Impact

Ormiston Trust offers up to £1,500 for students in Ormiston Academies to identify a need and lead social action projects that make a positive and lasting difference in their communities and or school. The projects encourage them to understand the power of community action, volunteering and helping others, and enable them to develop a range of skills such as leadership and project management. Project delivery and the assessment of impacts are undertaken by students supported by a nominated lead teacher in each school. Since 2011 over 30 projects and over 170 students have benefited from funding. A selection of short project descriptions are outlined below.

Ormiston Horizon Academy, Stoke-on-Trent 2011-12

Grant received: £1500.

At least 5 students volunteered and led a Community Clean Up group who would regularly clean up community spaces under the supervision of a teacher and a police officer. The project made a visible difference in their local community, improved relations between the school, local residents, the community and police. The activity has continued after the end of the grant and has now become a regular activity.

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy, Cheshire 2013-2014

Grant received: £1,000

10 students volunteered as part of a team visiting elderly people in nursing homes, young children in primary schools and people from local community groups with the aim of improving relations through the explanation of new technology. The students demonstrated to those involved the latest benefits of new equipment such as IPads and mobile phones, on occasion loaning gadgets to the various homes/community groups so that these could be used after the students had left. 

Ormiston Denes Academy, Lowestoft, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,500

The students used the funding to volunteer and run a community bakery, making fresh bread and pastries for community groups and older people in nursing homes.  The project helped build community relations with the volunteer group having to expand provision to accommodate the demand from local people!  

Ormiston Endeavour Academy, Ipswich, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,500

Endeavour students volunteered as ambassadors who supported their peers in various ways including: fundraising, peer mentoring, event management and consulting with teachers and students on how pupils like to learn. The students gained confidence, responsibility and it gave them the opportunity to think about their future careers. 

Ormiston Forge Academy, West Midlands, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,500

A street dance programme was set up in association with the dance academy Fusion. Six students volunteered in professionally run classes, making new friends and learning new skills and ultimately produced a community annual dance show attended by over 100 local people. 

Ormiston George Salter Academy, West Bromwich, West Midlands, 2013-14

Grant received: £690

Students volunteered to improve their school environment and contacted local residents groups to support them to achieve their aims. They organised and created a flourishing outdoor space with a vegetable garden and flowers that could be visited by local people. 

Ormiston Horizon Academy, Stoke-on-Trent, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,500

An Anti-Bullying Alliance was set up by the students to help teachers and other students improve behaviour in their school. Horizon is an excellent school and the academy sets very high standards for behaviour. The Alliance students learnt how to be peer mentors and develop listening and reasoning skills which helped them understand conflict and support teachers as mediators.  As an Alliance they developed their organisational skills and recognised the importance of working collectively as a team in order to be more productive.

Ormiston Maritime Academy, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,500

Students set up a family engagement service to engage parents, guardians and carers in their child’s education. A variety of activities was used to engage and enthuse the students and guardians with students learning about teamwork, effective and respectful communication, and how to hold meetings and discussions. 

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy, Oldbury, West Midlands, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,460

Students, with the support of teachers, ran activities in the local park with community members, police and primary schools. Their aim was to reduce anti-social behaviour in the park and make it a space for all. The students met with council officials and organised events in the park. The student team leader learnt how to manage a group and event management and feedback indicates that their community members felt the project had made a difference. 

Ormiston Park Academy, South Ockendon, Essex, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,250

The student team organised various activities to bring students together with people from older generations to build relations and counteract and challenge stereotypes of both young and older. Students took pride in organising activities that brought these two groups together. Staff and residents feedback was positive, with students asked to do even more in the future. Students developed confidence, problem solving and project management skills with some students indicating it had affected their future careers choices. 

Ormiston Rivers Academy, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,455

Students at Ormiston Rivers academy set up events with elderly people and local primary schools in order to bring these two generations closer together. A community morning took place and over 120 students contributed directly to the project. The project taught students about time management and leadership skills. The feedback from staff, primary schools and senior citizens was very positive, with the students asked to plan another event as soon as possible! 

Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy, Walsall, West Midlands, 2013-14

Grant received: £1,500

Students aimed to improve and maintain communal spaces and create usable outdoor amenities for elderly residents. The project enabled students to appreciate the value of their communities by helping transform overgrown and unused communal spaces into usable outdoor amenities. Residents and students worked together with feedback indicating that the residents involved saw these young people in a different and positive light. Students felt in their small way they had made a difference to community cohesion.

Ormiston Venture Academy, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, 2013-14

(Project 1) Grant received: £1,100

At least 5 students were involved in setting up a Guilds and Society Co-operative which delivered student-run projects that helped to develop skills in young people. Every Wednesday for 7 weeks a term, students attended a guild which gave students of all ages a chance to learn a new skill. In the autumn term and spring term 35 and 45 students respectively attended these training sessions with new skills learnt including Falconry, Gaelic Football, Genealogy and Chess. 

(Project 2) Grant received: £400

Also in 2013/14, students set up and run a cinema as a business enterprise and invited members of the community along as well as students from the academy. The students learnt to event plan, budget and to work as a team.

Ormiston Endeavour Academy, Ipswich, 2014-15

Grant received: £1,500

The students targeted three main problems that they noted in the community around their school: littering, bullying and smoking. Through three different projects students arranged professionals to attend the academy and speak to the students about methods for addressing these challenges. They learnt to make relations with people outside the school and to plan wider events with a focus on making a change. 

Ormiston Six Villages Academy, Chichester, West Sussex, 2014-15

Grant received: £1,500

The students used their grant for a residential trip in order to build team working skills. Feedback from surveys showed that 100% of the students developed new skills with all the students improving their confidence in working together and dealing with challenging new situations. 

Ormiston Sudbury Academy, Sudbury, Suffolk, 2014-15

Grant received: £104

Students with a modest grant arranged a visit to a local nursing home and put on a drama performance greatly appreciated by the residents and the nurses. The students recognised the importance of interaction with people of the older generation, and to understand the value of the care that is provided. The hope is to arrange more visits and a concert is being planned for Christmas. 

Ormiston Victory Academy, Costessey, Norfolk, 2014-15 (project still underway)

Grant received: £1,500 

Students are planning and organising the building of a new playground for the year 7s which will also be accessible to the local community. The park will be a place for parent and guardians to take their children to play in a safe environment and will give them the opportunity to gather and socialise. A final report will be produced in 2016.

Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, Gorleston, Norfolk, 2014-15 (project still underway)

Grant received: £1,500

Students at Cliff Park decided to tackle a litter problem in spaces around the academy site by improving the recycling facilities and developing methods of getting students to take greater responsibility for their surroundings. A final report on their successes is expected later in 2015. 

Ormiston Denes Academy, Lowestoft, 2014-15 (project still underway)

Grant received: £1,180

The aim of this project is to invite primary schools around the area to take part in themed activities that will take place at the academy.  The students feel it is important that the primary schools get to know the academy and its students which will help them make the transition to their next school. It will also help them with teamwork skills, confidence, and meeting new people. A final report will be produced in December 2015.

Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, 2014-15 (project still underway)

Grant received: £1,500

The students aim to combat bullying in schools across the county to reduce the negative impact on children and teenagers. The project is also helping to improve the negative stereotypes of teenagers and the misrepresentation of schools which sometimes occurs. The students want to show children and teenagers how to gain control of their lives and be positive teenage role models. A final report is expected in late 2015.

Ormiston Horizon Academy, Stoke-on-Trent, 2014-15 (project still underway)

Grant received: £1,250

The aim of this project is to develop public speaking through competitive events within the academy. Students participating in workshops and programmes will develop their speaking and listening skills. The students plan to link with the local community to raise the profile of debate and discussion. A final report will be produced in October 2015.