Eco-Thursdays: Young People and the Future

This week’s eco-Thursday post is focusing on young people and the future. New research has shown that young people are more anxious about the future of humanity and the planet than ever. In a global survey run by Bath University, with responses from 10,000 people aged 16-25, there were some pretty shocking results on how young people are feeling in […]

Ormiston Academies: Updates (1)

Various OAT schools have announced exciting updates and developments recently, two of which we’ve outlined below! Wodensborough Ormiston Academy Ofsted Rating Last week Wodensborough Ormiston Academy received its first good rating from Ofsted, following a fantastic Ofsted report that focused on the school’s inspirational leadership and exceptional pandemic response. The report and rating show the […]

Four London Schools Join OAT

On September 1st, 2021 four alternative provision (AP) schools in London joined Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT). OAT plans to build on the work done by TBAP Multi-Academy Trust that formerly ran the schools. The four schools with their new names and locations are listed below: Ormiston Latimer Academy- Sheperd’s Bush Ormiston Bridge Academy- Fulham Ormiston […]

Walking, Cycling, and Scooting Back to School

For this week’s eco-Thursday focus, we’ll be looking at how students can get to school in more environmentally friendly ways. Many schools have had Walk to School weeks for many years, focusing on the benefits for students’ health and to reduce congestion around school gates in the mornings and evenings. Nearly half of parents of […]

Apply to be an #iwill ambassador

Applications are now open to become an #iwill ambassador! The #iwill campaign is recruiting their next cohort of ambassadors. #iwill is a UK movement helping young people, aged 10-25, to engage in social action to make a difference in their communities. As a part of the #iwill campaign young people engage in fundraising, volunteering, mentoring […]

Tree Theme for Back to School Week!

Another summer holiday finished! For this week’s eco-Thursday post, we’re going to focus on trees. We’re linking this to going back to school because trees can represent stability and reassurance, as well as improving wellbeing.  There’s a range of evidence for the mental and physical health benefits of being in close proximity to trees. This includes: having restorative and therapeutic […]

Fundraising Opportunities for Ormiston Families

There are a number of different current opportunities to raise money for Ormiston Families! We’ve collected some of their current campaigns and upcoming fun events, along with ways to get involved below: Support the #AllDoorsOpen Campaign    For their 40th anniversary, Ormiston Families is accepting donations to continue their vital work in supporting families across […]

Opportunities for Young People to Get Involved with Climate Social Action

For this week’s eco-Thursday post, we wanted to showcase a couple of opportunities for young people in our network and around the UK to get involved with social action and campaigning around the climate crisis.  COP26 is due to be held in Glasgow in November, and Votes for Schools have created a pack of resources for schools, […]

Excellent GCSE results at the Gateway Academy

Students at the Gateway Academy, an academy supported by our founded organization the Gateway Learning Community, received outstanding results on their GCSE’s last week.   After a difficult academic year due to the pandemic, pupils at the Gateway Academy have performed tremendously. The top 12 students achieved 100 Grade 7s and above qualifications, following a trend […]

Introducing eco-Thursdays: Climate Change and the Power of Schools

Introducing eco-Thursdays! Every Thursday, we’ll be sharing environment-related news and information about OT schools and the wider world. Climate change will affect us all, but young people have given us so many reasons to hope over the past few years, from the international Fridays for Future movement to local eco #iWill projects around the UK. […]